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How does our service operate?

1. Machining task analysis

After obtaining basic information about the machining task, we conduct the analysis and select the best-practice coating process. All this for an optimum performance of a tool.

2. Communication strategy

We set the rules for cooperation – the frequency of performing our coatings, the type and circulation of documents etc. We have our own cars, ready for individual pick-up service - at the indicated place and time.

3. Realization

  1. Initial inspection of tools
    Realization of the order begins with the inspection of tools. Taking into account the data available, we check the number of tools and quality of their surfaces.
  2. Pre-treatment processes
    Pre-treatment processes are extremely important for adhesion and cutting-edge quality. They consist, among others, of cleaning in an ultrasonic washer, dry blasting, wet blasting, cleaning of cooling channels etc. In the case of decoating, it is necessary to remove the old coating, then, we use chemical / electrochemical procedures with a neutral impact on the substrate.
  3. Deposition of coating
    In the coating process, we give strong emphasis on the plasma treatment stage before the deposition. Its result is a very thorough cleaning and activation of the surface, thanks to which the coatings are free of atomic impurities and achieve excellent adhesion to the substrate.
  4. Post-treatment processes
    The final processing allows for obtaining a smooth, stress-free coating.

4. Final inspection of tools

It is primarily a visual analysis, made by means of microscopes, measurement of adhesion and thickness of coatings.

5. Transport / Shipment

After a complete cycle, the tools are packed and delivered to the customer or final recipient.

In order to determine the vacco coatings quality, we encourage you to perform free tests. Within their scope, we will make our coatings on the supplied tools, which then can be validated by their user.

In our professional activity, we devote ourselves to our clients, the company and our own satisfaction

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